Friday, February 02, 2007

I'll Be Out Of Contact For A Bit

For further information, there is a bulletin posted on myspace. Otherwise, here is a rather depressing blog about the whole shpeel.


My family's been driving me crazy lately. Its...Falling apart and I dont know either how to fix it or respond to it. I dont know what to do at all and as a result I am allowing tiny things about my friends to drive me off the deep end. Its no ones fault but my own. I accept that.

And the one person I need to turn to...The one person who would understand the best and know exactly what to say and exactly what I need to hear. The one person I can stand to be around, the one member of my family who is not insane, wont be home for 18 1/2 more months. Hes on his mission at the most critical moment of my life.