Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Straw That Broke The Camels Back...

Im so sick of everyone saying, "You guys should get married!"... Some people mean it, and other people are just teasing. But, either way, it gets old super fast!

You think I have thought about it? You think I havent actually considered marrying him? Im so afraid that I will never find anyone I get along with better. Someone who will understand me better. Someone I have that much fun with! Im afraid to hope for anything better than him... And yet...

I do hope. Because I know him better than any of you. I know him! And knowing him that much, makes me realize that I cant marry him. He has a flaw that some people wouldnt see as a flaw. But, I do. The one thing that I would not be able to let go, and that he shouldnt have to change just for me. So, while I may be afraid to hope for something better, I have to.

Bottom line...Stop saying it. Ive thought it through more times than all of you put together. It wouldnt work.


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