Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You Asked, Im Answering

I like you...

*Because you're taller than me.
*Because you know the difference between teasing and sarcasm, and you also know which is better.
*Because your advice always makes so much sense! Even when you're mostly asleep.
*Because you like things like Law & Order, Volleyball and Classical Music, and it doesn't bother me.
*Because even though you hate Ghost with a passion like I've never seen, you still couldn't turn away.
*Because I feel protected when you're there.
*For not telling me I was sad, but instead trying to fix a problem you thought I was lying about.
*For being flattered.
*Because you can cook. Or, at least, you can fake it really well.
*Because you think this is all a joke, and that would normally really bug me, but it hasn't so far.
*Because you bought the book. Even if you didn't want it.
*Because you play guitar and sing amazingly!
*For your little quirks that never cease to make me laugh.
*For caring enough to ask about my family.
*For sharing about your family.
*Because you can make up a whole scene from Gilmore Girls off the top of your head, and it still sounds like it could be in a real episode.
*Because when things should be awkward, you make them not awkard.
*Because you give depth to advice as simple as "Pray."
*Because you're smart.
*Because cliche is cool to you.
*Because you love music.
*Because you love family.
*Because you use big words and freakishly long sentences.
*Because you have an un-natural bond with Matt.
*For the way you talk to your family.

But, most of all, I like you because I want to be better when I'm around you.