Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I bought several movies this last weekend. One of which happened to be Finding Neverland. There are a lot of things I like about that movie.

This, to me, is probably Johnny Depps second best performance. His first being Benny and Joon. (Thats just an opinion though). Anyway, what I love the most about his character is that he has grown up, but in a better way then most. Just because he refuses to let go of his imagination doesnt neccessarily make him childish.

Adults would understand children more, and be annoyed by them less if they grew up the same way he did. I want to be an adult like that. I want to always understand children and always be able to play with them, without being childish. Its the only way to grow up and not lose sight of your childhood.

I think the problem is that as you grow up you learn things. More importantly you learn about logic, and the older you get the less logic becomes an effort and the more it becomes a second-nature. Dont get me wrong. Logic is wonderful, but if its all you ever use....your imagination becomes a blob. A blob of useless-ness. Dont let it get that way!

An imagination is a terrible thing to waste...

Am I Lois Or Superman? Go See It! Its So Good!


I watched Superman Returns with Court and Ben this past week. As I sat there through the movie I thought about how close I was to the emotions portrayed. How many of them I felt or been through in my own way.

I felt it when Superman returned to Metropolis and the first time he saw Lois was on TV and his heart skipped a beat. You could tell he had no idea what to say. You could tell he loved her. You could see and feel all the emotions running around in his head. And in his heart.

I felt it when Lois was standing on the rooftop and Superman flew down. She hadnt seen him for years. Her heart caught in her chest as she became flustered unable to choose whether to be angry or over joyed.

I felt it when he looked at her and knew he couldnt have her. But, he knew he had to save her anyways.

I felt it when she wanted to kiss him, but knew it wouldnt be right. It would just complicate things.