Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gilmore Girls Enlightenment

I watch Gilmore Girls faithfully with my Mom. She and I are big time fans, although weve only seen the first season completely. Weve seen bits and pieces of the other ones.

Chad Michael Murray plays a character from Rorys school named Tristan. Great character. Totally in love with Rory, but doesnt know how to show except with the lack of disrespect.

Today was Tristans last episode. Middle of the second season, and his Dad sends him to Millitary school for getting in trouble with the new friends he has made since two rejections and one kiss from Rory.

I hated this episode. How sad is that that she never gave him a chance and dated him? Hes gone. Shell never get that back! Maybe Im just angry with the writers, but as I sat there thinking about how different he was in the episode where they kissed....I just....I dont know. He was so sweet and totally changed and his character couldve really gone places with that in mind! Gosh! He may have been a jerk but he really really loved her. Which, I might add, is not easily said about high schoolers.

I thought about this tragic mistake that she had obviously made and thought to myself....No! Did I do the same thing? Could I possibly have pulled a Rory Gilmore and tried to help but not really listened to the needs that were there? I dont know. I guess I never will. I dont know what can be done anymore. There isnt a script-writer for my life who will magically write him back in. He comes and goes. He definitely isnt a main character, but then....Neither was Tristan.

Im not sure what to do anymore. Ive tried. I can continue to try, but anyone knows what it feels like to try repeatedly in vain. For seven years I have sat back and wondered why he would act that way. For seven years I have tried to help him and be his friend. In a way, I guess I did everything Rory did....But, I think if he had asked me out....The results wouldve been different. At least they would now. I wont give up hope that he will ask me out someday and something will happen. I am not particularly in love with him its just something I need to settle.

I wont give up hope, but I cant keep trying forever...

Panic Stricken No Longer


Tomorrow everything changes. Nothing will be the same. My whole world could be totally different or totally the same. All in one day.

It took me four weeks to decide what I was actually going to do about this. Four whole weeks. Four weeks that felt like two extra years. But I know. I know the perfect plan. Everything will be ok. Im positive Ive chosen correctly.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Work Part III: The Bosses Other Nephew

Name: Craig Peterson
Age: 14-ish
Awesomeness: He's Pimpin'! His clothes are pimpin, his musics pimpin...He rocks my freakin socks off!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Work Part II: The Bosses Nephew

Name: Tyler Peterson
Age: 16 or 17
Funny Thing: He hated Court. Until I told him Court and I were twins. Then magically he sucked up to Court every chance he got...Funny how that works!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Work Part I: The Evil Red Head

Name: Jessa
Age: 17...But she acts like shes 10!
Fatal Mistake: "Lets play a game. Its 8:54....Lets see how fast we can get this done!" Bad move Jessa...Youre on my list! *shakes fist*