Sunday, September 11, 2005


Can I first just say that I am so freakin sorry that I forgot you?! Holy cow!!!!

here is what I DO miss about you...

*The waddles
*The penguin-ness of it all....yes...all of it....
*How you mock others for spelling things wrong yet you insist upon spelling stupid "s-t-o-o-p-i-d" I love you!
*The giggles
*Your blonde, asian, princess self in general!
*How you just know everything about everyone before anything else is said or done.
*How your problems never surfaced as much as most peoples....I admire that....
*All the "Huuh-lo?" 's
*How you still cant pronounce all the syllables in Brynynynany
*The way your eyebrows move when you act!
*How most of what you wear is Black and White
*That Pink shirt and Pink and Green army pants outfit you wore!
*How you run with your arms and legs flailing to the sides!
*"Dont mess with these guns! Dont do it!"......enough said......
*How much love you have for everyone
*How you used to comment on my lists with similar lists
*Your curly hair
*How more often then not you will hold your purse straight down in front of you....thats so cool!
*How you play with your hair when its straight
*Your advices on technique for acting
*Your God Bless America flag
*Your frog thingy....wait....I still have that....wait, is that even yours or was it someone eleses? I dunno....
*All the "IIIII KNOOOW!" 's
*Your "I am thoroughly disgusted!" face...
*The ugly sounds that came out of your mouth as you said "MOMMY!!!", thats really hard to describe over computer...
*How your phone can recieve but not send texts...thats always funny to me....
*Our trip to RC Willey with Scott and Court....and we saw that hecka freakin cool gas pump?! Those were the days....
*Your black sandals...dont ask why....I just miss them

Ok...Im kinda lacking in sleep right now so I cant really think clearly any more. But if I think of any more I will be sure to add them!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

To Jenesse....and Jessy

Jeneesee-wa: This isnt the post where I say what I missed. I dont have enough time to write all the stuff I miss about you now. I would have posted this as a comment but my compy is dumb and wont let me. I promise I will post yours soon! I cant believe I forgot you!!!! I love you Jeneesee-wa!!! You will always be my favorite Asian princess....

Jessy: As soon as my compy stops being retarded I will get rid of those stupid ads and then you can stop your eye-twitching. Clearly it isnt pretty!