Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Here Goes Nothin....

I really dont know what to post about. The fact of the matter is, I just really felt like I should post before running off to girls camp for five days. Yes. Five. Call my voice mail. It explains everything.

I really have nothing to say, I just felt like I should say something.

Oh! Heres something you dont know yet! I talked to my cousin Mike about marrying Emma. He says its ok. He quite enjoys the fact that she is going into massage therapy! He he he! I love my cousin! He keeps wanting to see more pictures of her! Ive already showed him like three or four!

I didnt want to dig them up before he went to bed though. Currently he is asleep downstairs. He told me I would have to mail him some pictures of her. He thinks she is cute. She thinks he is cute. They have the same, or at least...similar, senses of humor! They respond to things similarly....

I think this is a match made in heaven!

Emma will be my cousin before you know it! :)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

What If...Some More...

What if you are pretty certain who you will marry.

Youve narrowed it down to two.

You feel totally right about it.

Youve even talked to Daddy about it,


Now you dont want to any more....

Dont comment on this one. I dont want to know what you have to say. Im not bitter, this is just one of those....rhetorical questions, I guess you could say.

Dreams: Inspired by Brittany

Dreams are funny things. You have a silly dream you have wanted to live since you were three one minute, and then.....BAM!!! It hits you....Youve changed. You dont want to be that any more.

Me on the other hand, my dream has only been around since I was about nine. I always thought it was a nice dream, and I would probably never get to do it. Plus, Im not good enough. Just say it. None of you out there think Im good enough.

You may tell me that I am, Or even just tell me I am good enough to anything I want to do if I simply "put my mind to it."

Well folks, (haha! I pulled a Criman without even thinking about it!) I have something to say to you! My mind is ON it! I am trying my best to live my dream, but no matter how much I know you love me and no matter how much you TELL me I can do it, I dont think any of you believe me.

Im not blaming you. Im not mad either. I would have to agree. But the fact remains, Im going to try no matter who doubts me. No matter how many times people like Tasha, Jenesse, Button, Whit, Shmoo, Chase and Brittany TELL me I can do it, I just dont see any faith in their faces. I dont believe. But you know what?

I dont care. Im still trying.

One day while Bette Jane is being famous and everyone else is living all the dreams Brittany wrote out, one day....

You will all know you were wrong.

(Please dont take offense to any of this)

Friday, July 22, 2005

Staring Contest

So Wednesday night, my singles ward went to see Finding Neverland at the Scera shell. It was way awesome, but what I wanted to talk about was before that.

We all met at the house where we have ward prayer every sunday night. (If you ever hear me say, "at the ward prayer house" thats what I mean.)

As we were sitting there outside of the house, I was sitting on this bench facing a bush. Why the bench was facing a bush I will never know. I wasnt really talking to anyone cause no one was really talking. Some people were but mostly it was people I didnt really know too well.

As I sat staring at this bush directly across from me, I realized there was something under the bush. What was it? I asked myself. Suddenly I realized that what I found myself staring into the eyes of was a tiny deer. A baby, just a wee baby!

So what did I do? I started staring back! We got into this fierce battle of a staring contest! I tell you I woulda won if it hadnta been for this kid in my ward! Anyone could see that as sure as that deer was plastic, I was going to win that contest!

Darn Mario Silito. Just darn him.

He had to come over and befriend me! Sheesh! Some people!

Ok....I like Mario. Not like that cause hes old....but he still is cool...I suppose....

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Let me tell you something. I thought I loved IHOP as it were, but I never really knew how cool it was until today. I actually discovered the fun of it all. The trick, is having the choir people AND the drama people, all meet there.....to see Bobby!

Here is what happened all in the space of two hours at IHOP. Each thing has its own funny story behind it:

*Flip Flop loves Bonsi,....thats really the only one I remember! Huh! Go figure....
*When Bobby says he is awake and it is only 7am, dont believe him. And dont think he will hurry and get over there fast. He will only end up falling asleep again.
*(No offense, to the person this pertains to) Coffee comes in the LARGE pot and syrup comes in the SMALL bottle. Fortunately, not matter how retarded people are, waitresses like Indy will always bring you new food. (Proven in a later statement)
*When Nathanael gets the attention of twenty people to tell a story, it probably is funny, but not funny enough to get the attention of twenty people.
*Dont look away from your water if you are sitting next to either Jason or Nathanael. You will end up with what we call....Splenda Water.
*Dont let Bobby come visit you for the weekend. He will leave you homeless.
*Dont order cinnamon buns if there is no picture and/or taste test that goes with them. (IHOP cinnamon buns are LARD cinnamon buns! Dont try those either!)
*No matter how hard you try, you cant make your hips shrink by will power alone. And you will most certainly NOT fit between that table leg and the booth bench.
*When someone says, "SICK! THATS THE MOST AWFUL THING IVE EVER TASTED!" everyone has to try it for themselves. Curiosity killed the cat.....I wonder what he was curious about anyways....
*IHOP carries Office Max pens by the...lots! Go figure....Youd think they would have IHOP pens, but NOOOOOO!!!!! Youd be wrong....
*I was the hottest person there and Bobby was the second hottest. Only because Justin and Cliff knew from the name "the second hottest person here" that it was talking about Bobby and CERTAINLY NOT one of them! Morons....*shakes whole arm*
*Jason apparently needs help. He was trapped....somehow....Bobby doesnt believe him. What do you think?

Coffee Pancakes

Don't try it. Just don't.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

My Numbers Not Cool Either Shmoo....

I tried about a hundred different ways to spell something with my cell number.

My efforts were....disappointing. To say the least.

I came up with some seriously entertaining ideas though....*giggles within self*......*sigh* I kill myself sometimes!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I Want You All To Know How Close I Am To My Boys

There are only four people, outside of my real family, that I absolutely COULD NOT, under any circumstances, get married without!

Court Driggs

Justin Karoly

John Tullis

Matteo Calkins

Yup. Those are the ones! I have grown incredibly close to all of them and it just wouldnt be right to get married without them. I would always feel,....like rewinding everything.

Unless whatever the reason was that made them miss my wedding was beyond my control. But, missions dont count. Do you hear me? Missions do not count!

If I become engaged right after Justin, who is apparently the baby of that group, leaves, I shall simply have a two year engagement. I cant do it, I wont do it. I refuse to let a little thing like a mission stand in the way of our.....closeness.....

Point is, you neednt worry about me getting married while you are gone. Because it simply will not happen. There. Thats all there is to it.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I Want You All To Know How Big Of A Loser I Actually Am

I got fired today. Yes. Fired from a Telemarketing job.

That is how pathetic I am.

Well the truth is I was Fired/I quit. It was sort of a mutual agreement between Jim and I.

I dunno. It sort of didnt help my already crap for crap day.

I want you all to know that if you ask me in person, I will always say I quit. Only here will it ever show proof that possibly, arguibly I got fired.

I must really be a loser.....

Please Tell Me Why....

Just a few questions before I muddle off to work.

*Why when I get close to a guy, must I start liking them? Why cant I just be friends?

*Why dont I have a teddy bear? Its much harder to sleep at night without one.....

*Why doesnt he understand?

*Why am I popular? I annoy myself I cant see why other people would want to be around me so much.....dont think Im full of myself for that one! If you werent there, you dont know......

*Why cant I find a better more honest job? I hate this one....I want you all to know that the only reason I hate this job is because its dishonest. The hours and the people and the pay are simply marvelous!

*Why.....why....."Why must I be a teenager in love?"