Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Monday, May 16, 2005

Any Ideas Where I Can Live?

No seriously! I really really really want to move out after graduation but I have nowhere to go!...help?

Friday, May 06, 2005

Small Update

*I blog too much
*I dont know if my One Act is ready and I worry about it 24/7
*JT and I are on not writing terms...dont ask
*AJ still doesnt listen to me and it doesnt matter anyways cause he never passes the tests...Jaimie knows what I mean
*Im tired of being an Offic Aid
*I love Mens Choir
*I hate David Seaver and Mr. Criman...they should both burn in you know where
*No one asks any more
*The Alors have stopped doing really fun things but they still want me and Ben to hang out with them all the time. Do they expect two people with OCD and ADD to just sit there quietly and do nothing all day?
*Anyone who likes anyone else is just gross
*I hate going home cause my parents are psychotic

oh ya and I might not graduate....*smiles nervously*

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Few Thoughts

You know, lately I have been having a hard time. Lots of things have gone wrong for me, and Im not trying to complain. I just want to explain what has happened the last few days...if I can...I guess you could say Ive been extra touchy! huh! As if I wasnt touchy enough as it is!

Have you ever liked someone just a little, so you wanted to test them? You know...like there is one thing that you really want them to do to or for you and so you act a certain way to see if they will be or act how you want them to. Is this making sense?

Ive been doing things lately because of stuff that ticked me off. But, what it turned into wasnt revenge like I thought. It actually turned into a test. Like I was testing this person to see if they were what...I wanted I guess you could say....if you know what Im talking about please comment because Im not sure I do anymore....

Monday, May 02, 2005

Mens Choir #1

So I am sitting here in Mens Choir and technically I am supposed to be boxing music but I dont really care to at the moment. Mrs. Mathews thinks I am really making new labels for the new boxes, and I did....she just has no idea that I am done.

I wish they would work on I'll Make A Man Out Of You more...its my favorite one that they do. My next favorite is It's Hard To Be Humble, but they just did that one.

I love my Mens Choir boys. I wish I could have them in the office with me again, but this class isnt like A Cappella where you can just sneak out. Theres too few people. Shed totally notice. Last time it was way fun! She only did that though, because she was doing auditions for next years choir.

Aww! Its already 1:55pm! That sucks! That means I have to do some work now. Well until next A day, I bid you farewell!

Next time I plan on having quotes by my Mens Choir Boys for you to read. Then you will know just how funny they are! They kill me! *falls off chair laughing, just thinking about it!*

AJ Millet

You may have heard, or maybe you just had an inkling, that I like AJ Millet. Well I will tell you something now that should clear this all up. I did...for about a week...but for those of you who know me even close to well will realize that something always happens to tick me off and then I stop liking that person. It just happened sooner with AJ.

Skip This Post If You Want To Remain In A Good Mood

This is my post about everything I have to complain about. Feel free to skip this post. Im only posting it for my own benefit in that it helps me feel better just to get it out in the open.

I claim the right and the privelege to whine about:

*My Parents being rude and demanding
*AJ Millet
*The whole girlfriend/boyfriend thing
*Stress before graduation
*My cast not being ready to perform yet
*Me not getting asked to Prom
*My bug infested house
*Not being able to drive our family cars and not knowing fully why....

Ok thats it for now...I feel much better...*takes deep breath and sighs*