Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I think Oldies are awesome! Nobody had better tell me that Oldies are for old people! They are called Golden Oldies for a reason, so dont start! I love Oldies! Seriously!

There is something in Oldies music that sets me free and suddenly I am not who I am. Its like when Im acting. I am no longer Bryn Dalton on stage, I am another character in a show. Thats kinda like my Oldies.

Other music is good for that too, but the difference is that other music gives you specific emotions depending on the song. With Oldies, it doesnt matter what song it is to me because all of the sudden Im like a famous singer or something. I am happy no matter what the emotion in the song, unless that specific song brings back bad memories.

So from now on, not only will my blog have a "quote of this current time frame" but it will also have an "Oldie of the week". I am so excited you guys! You have no idea!

Monday, March 14, 2005

To Copy A Good Idea-

Im about to copy Brittanys 8 point list blog because I thought it was a good idea. Im sorry if you are...offended or something....Brittany, but I want to do this so you all can become one step closer to understanding why I do, what I do, when I do it....

I am fascinated by:
*The simple mindedness of children
*Outstanding friendships
*Amazing acting
*People who cant help but be one way all the time
*Pure talent
*Frank Sinatra
*Why people do, what they do, when they do it

I am sickened by:
*Snot (sorry if that was kinda a nasty visual...but its true)
*People who talk like they know about what theyre talking about to you, but in all actuality you know more than them...they are just dumb
*People who are driven by sickening others....I think we all know this one....
*Close minded people who only see their point of view
*People who take classes (like tech for instance) just so that they can work a show and complain about everything they have to do to their friends just to make people think they are cool or something....Justin! *shakes fist*

I am driven by:
*The future- (let me explain this,) being able to look at what Ive accomplished in the past
*Good friendships
*A chance to out-do someone else
*Superior talent
*Milk and Juice
*Frank Sinatra
*my Brother and my Boy

I am tickled by:
*Funny things that funny people say under their breath
*The ditch by Ben Majors house and the memory of almost killing Shamae that it brings back
*Ben Major in general
*People that tickle me...he he he...*ahem*....
*Sousa chasing Asay
*Little things that Darrell says
*Memories of plays I was in
*Little things that guys say to me that could either be taken as flirting or something else and you just never know....but, either way, it tickles me!

I am moved by:
*Stunning performances
*The testimonies of my boys
*Testimonies that begin with my name....those are so much more personal
*The look on guys faces when they just know the gospel is true, especially when they start to cry!
*People that go out of their way to be nice to others just to see how happy they can make people
*People that want to cry just because I am sad
*Love stories
*People that would give up their own happiness, for the sake of mine

I am blinded by:
*The will of others
*Bad moods
*My own personal goals
*Swing sets and juice
*The beauty of nature

I am loved by:
*My friends
*Most little kids
*My friends friends
*Most of my friends Parents
*Most of my teachers
*My Brother
*My Boy

I am known by:
*No one...People think they know me but all they really know is the part of me I have let them see....there are so many parts to me that I dont think anyone will ever understand. I sincerely doubt anyone will ever know all my parts....I guess thats the way with a lot of people.

In Honor Of Tasha And Holly...

Ok heres the deal....Holly was telling me that because I wore my "Techies do it in the dark" T-shirt that one day, they decided to make up more....after that, me,Priscilla, Kim and various other people, contributed to make a semi-complete list....if anyone has additions please let me know!

*Techies do it in the dark
*Actors do it on the stage
*Directors do it by themselves
*Dancers do it in every position
*Musicians do it in groups
*Cheerleaders do it on the field
*Scene Building sits there and ponders it
*Orchesis tries to interpret it
*Student Council tries and fails at it
*Walk-On Roles do it in passing
*Leads do it in the spotlight (or in front of crowds...I cant remember)
*Computer Nerds do it on the web
*Punks do it to rebel
*Preppies are oblivious!
*Choir never shuts up enough to do it
*Jocks talk about doing it

and last but not least....

*Seminary doesnt talk about "it" at all