Monday, February 21, 2005


I realize that I havent blogged about anyone in particular lately, but I am about to change that. I just havent had the time lately, but there is always time to cheer up a friend in need. Today that friend is, I feel, Lisa! Lisa, you deserve a lot more credit and friends than you have. And, while I am probably the least qualified person to do this, apparently I was the first one to think of it so here you go! I hope this brightens your day as much as you do mine, everytime I talk to you!

I would miss...

*The way you say "yaaahaaaa"! Its so cute! It makes me giggle all over....*giggles to self*
*The way you pose like Peter Pan...ahhh! I love that man!
*How much you appreciate Peter Pan! Thats truly can definitely join our Peter Pan Fan Club...with its given members like Brittany, Jenesse and Aly....
*The way you point at people and wiggle your finger...does that make sense? I realize that sounds really funny, but at least I know what Im talking about...
*The way you cant stand to see anyone be hard on themselves and the minute they start to become hard on themselves, you have to stop them with a compliment! THAT is truly unique...
*Your else would I make it through some of my hardest days without that smile there by my side letting me know, I will ALWAYS have friends...
*The way we flashed our hott bright colors to our tech class! We are soooo cool! BRIGHT COLORS!!!!!!
*The way you and Shmoo sing your song to each other! By the way, it was on the radio today and I thought of the two of you...I love you guys!
*The way you seem to know everything about everyone before you even get to know them
*The way you are shy, but not at the same time...
*How deep and sensitive you can be, but the fact that youre not like that all the time makes me really happy!
*"Gosh! Frickin' idiot!"...need I say more?
*The way you get when youve spun around in the light booth chair one too many times! bee hee hee!
*The shifty eyes of yours that we will eventually catch on tape for Shmoo! Do you even remember that? I hope so...we are gonna have the coolest tape eva!
*How strong you are, and how strong you are not. Its never good to be too strong, but at the same time, its not good to be too weak. You are part of what I always wanted to be!

Well Im really tired right now, but I feel sure that if I were in my right mind, you would have a lot more! Maybe I will add on to it later...for now, goodnight! Remember who you are and who loves you....each and everyone of us!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

These Things Kill Me...

This is kinda long but I hope you read thru it cause its least to me....bee hee hee!

::Guy Quiz::. (for girls, about guys)
Looks, what do you think about...
Brown eyes? yummy!
Gray eyes? grey eyes tend to make them look sad...
Blue eyes? depends on the shade but usually it makes me drawn to stare at their eyes if they are bright bright blue
Green eyes? rockin awesome!
Blondes? I dont usually find blondes attractive, but there have been some instances
Brown hair? oh baby, oh baby
Black hair? mmm....yummy....
Dyed hair? whoi! I dont know how I say about that...
Red hair? I dont think Ive ever met a good looking guy who had red hair...maybe Im mistaken tho...
Braces? I would prefer he didn't, (Im going to elaborate on this one priscilla) but some guys pull it off rather well...
Glasses? depends on the style...ya...definitely that...
Hairy chests? Gross! (not my answer, priscillas. I totally agree!)
Muscles? They're definitely a perk, strong arms. (true dat, its just a bonus though...they dont have to be that way...)
Shaved legs? Nasty (David I forgive you, you're a cyclist) (whoa! dont forgive david! if anyone not him! dummy dumb-head!...not you, him...)
Sideburns? that depends on the length and tameness
Spiky hair? That all depends on the guy (once again you are right)
Mohawks? let me!
Buzz cuts? depends on the guy, and the look of the cut...could look like he did it himself with a knife or lawn mower...thats pretty ugly
Italians? oh baby!
Mexicans? not usually...theyre offense...
Asians? asians are just funny! so if youre lookin for a lot a laughs...ya...
Labeling, what do you think about it?
Goth guys? Do you mean like creepy stalker Goth or like my friends Goth? (bahhahaha! Priscilla you make me laugh!....but seriously, which one?)
Prep guys? ok...only if they arent like...whats the word Im looking for here...oh ya! stupid! Skaters? As long as they promise to pull their pants up and not end up under a bus. (Im down with that)
Nerds? You are talking to me. Heck yes I like nerds, band geeks, and drama freaks! (I agree...but just outta curiosity, why are band people just "geeks" and we are "freaks"? whats up with that?)
Players? What girl likes a player, who doesn't get called "girl on the corner"? (hahahah! Barbie the ho! ahahahaha!...*ahem* no youre right though...)
Cheaters? What girl likes a guy that cheats? (hold up, isnt that like the same thing as a "player"? am I just dumb?)
Guys who think they're pimps? cough EGOTISTICAL cough (I agree Bob) (whoa! me dos!)Perverts? Who wrote this section? (I concur)
Homosexuals? I love my gay friends! (gays are freakin funny!)
What about boys who...
Smoke? Ew, gross, no. (me dos)
Study every night? If they plan on going to college, I am so behind it! (woo hoo! yay for the smart kids! maybe they can teach me something...)
Are sensitive? To an extent, they can't be more...sensitive than I am. That's kind of creepy (Ya...I totally concur...)
Are romantic? Duh! (hoosha!)
Play soccer? Heck yes! I used to play soccer...thats awesome...I dont know anyone, guy wise, that does though...
Play football? eh...they're usually stupid...ya...thats right...Im speaking of AJ...dummy dumb-head! literally!
Are cheerleaders? that is only acceptable if you're gay (or your name happens to be Einar...that works too...bee hee hee)
Swim? See now we are back to the whole shaving your legs thing...see, shaving the chest and armpits I am so down with...yes...please! but the legs is a bit much unless your legs are freakishly muscley...
Are good at DDR? dont hate me for this...but what is ddr?
Are in a garage band? Heck yes that's hott! (woo hoo! lets here it for the band!)Are lifeguards? I know some pretty good lookin life guards...(true dat home dawg)
Can rap? depends on how well...
Can breakdance? That is hott. Kennedy you are my hero, you too David! (um...ok please dont tell me David Seaver breakdances and are you speaking of Kennedy Augustine? hes in my ward...I know him....breakdancing rocks fyi)
Clothes, what do you think about guys who wear...
Their hats to the side? some can pull it off and others cant...
Baggy pants? As long as they don't wear them around there knees (true dat)
Pink? heres how I feel about that color....*ahem* GIRLS SHOULDNT EVEN WEAR PINK!!!! LET ALONE GUYS!!!! WHAT THE HECK WAS THE PERSON WHO CAME UP WITH THAT COLOR (besides God) THINKING ABOUT?!?!?! BAH!!!!!!
Tight pants? thanks for the nice visual, sicko!
Huge T-shirts? sure whatev
Dew rags? whoi...
Boxers? right on!
Briefs? weird (agreed)
Eyeliner? NO
Band shirts? heck yes!
Vans shoes? Vans is over-rated, (Im expanding on this again) but whatever works...
Flip flops? whoi?
Earrings? ya no
What would you do if the guy you like...
Called you "baby"? I'd like it, but I prefer Dalton...or one of my other nicknames...or even if he made up his own nick name for me...thatd be hott
Called you "tutz"? dude thats soooo not how you spell it! ha ha ha! I laugh at your inability to spell! ha ha ha! and now Im over it...I would think it was weird but Id prolly get over it
Wrote love poems to you? I dunno how I say about that
Cuddled with you? cuddle...duh! I love to cuddle, it makes you feel like safe. (oh baby)
Called you on the phone for no reason? depends on my mood...somedays I might just cry and tell him everything and somedays I might hang up on him...
IMed you? I would talk to him, like I always do (me dos)
Hugged you? Hug him and not let go (and smell him...I mean *ahem* who just does that? psh!...*shifty eyes*...)
Slapped your butt? punch his nose and scream out "That is Bryn Dalton property only!" I hate when people touch my butt!
Tried to go all the way with you? never speak to him again
Winked at you? lick my lips seductively lol (bee hee hee! Im down with that)
Took off his shirt? usually I close my eyes...but sometimes it looks good...very few times tho...
Took off your shirt? Probably slap him (and then never speak to him again)
Said he loved you? depends on how much I like him...I would prolly either say "Aw! I love you too!" or maybe just "Thanks. Im not ready to say that to you but lets build on that!"
Bought you chocolates? Smile a lot...all day long...and kiss him on the cheek unless we were "together" in which case it might be the lips. Then Id share them with him.
Gave you a stuffed animal? I'd love him forever! I really wish someone would give me a stuffed animal!
Flirted with other girls? Get over it, I don't own him! (me dos)
Cheated on you? Cry for a long time and then punch him in the nose! bahahahaDumped you? see above
Called you his bitch? (Im telling you this solution works a lot of the time!) Punch him in the nose and never speak to him again
Asked you to do his homework? I don't know, help him...unless Im too dumb...then Id apologize for being dumb and say, you prolly know someone smarter who could help you!Carried your books? grab them away from him and say "stop treating me like a "lady"!"
Decorated your locker? um...I think that could be kinda weird (ya! especially for me cause I dont use mine! Jenni does! thatd be funny for her though!)
Kissed your best friend? cry and punch him in the (guess where?) nose!
Walked in on you dressing? keep getting dressed...what else would I do stand there in shock...half naked? (ahahahah! Id probably say "well hello there" as I tried to cover myself...depending on how naked I actually was...)
Called you every 5 minutes? Next time I saw him I would kick him in the shins ( forgot and run away laughing!)
Made a song for you? sweet if its not annoying! otherwise Id be like "thanks! but lets make that our secret song!"