Sunday, October 31, 2004


Have you ever lied to your parents, and then, either because they have a faulty memory or because they are suspicious, they ask you about it constantly? it makes me nervous. I told my parents that I was caught up on the videos when in fact, I am a week behind. I am going to catch up while they are at work today, they have asked me like ten times this weekend if I am caught up! I think my Mom does it because she has a faulty memory but I am pretty sure my Dad does it because he is secretly hoping that I will be behind and then he will have a reason to send me back to Liahona! Duh! I never want to go back there again.

Anyways, it makes me jumpy and nervous everytime they ask. The last time my Dad asked I bit his head off and now I think he's even more suspicious!

Why do people lie? Why do I lie? I wish I didn't...I wish I was just strong enough to tell the truth all the time! Lying sucks...

Saturday, October 30, 2004

In Honor of "The Boys"...

I have decided to write a blog about, and in honor of, the boys I have been hanging out with this weekend. So, I will write one sound (or word, depending on what you may regard as a word or a sound...) for each of them.

Scott: um...

Court: baha!

Jason: uh-ya

Nathanael: duh!

I think those are the only boys I have been around this weekend...other than my family. But they dont count...

Thursday, October 28, 2004


At lunch the other day, I decided that the best way to start getting to know people is to observe them first. As Court and Shmoo have both told me before, sometimes its better to just sit quietly and observe. So here is what I learned the other day at lunch...

*Kellie: whether or not it is really funny, she will laugh

*Rachel: surprised at everything and anything people say, she is also like Kellie

*Jason: Whether or not you laugh doesnt matter, it WAS funny

*Scott: it doesnt matter to him how many girls like him, as long as they are the right kind of girls

*Nathanael: It doesnt matter whether or not he actually likes the girl, he needs to impress them. And I dont think he really cares, deep down, whether he is like the crowd or different. But he acts different to impress the girls.

*Tyler: Confused, but happy to be so

*Matt: in his own little world

*Tammy: isnt quite sure what she thinks about anything, but she will be happy just the same

*Katie: calm. layed back. adultish

*Richard: only ENJOYS talking to "certain" people

*Melissa: clingy. not her own personality

*Court: searching for approval

*Jake: doesnt care whether you talk to him or not but if you do, he is right and you are wrong. end of discussion

*Ben: doesnt care whether or not he is involved in the discussion or not, as long as he gets to hear it

*Craig: forceful. my way or the highway

*Sherstine: oblivious

*Bobby: as long as he gets a few words in here or there he is ok

this is what I have noticed about these people. they may not actually be how aI have described them just now but this is how they appear upon observation...for whatever its worth.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Best Friends

I had a best friend once...actually, twice. The first one was ever since I was born. She was Three weeks older than me and our moms were best friends. We hung out practically every day. All of the sudden something happened. I'm not quite sure what because back then nobody told me anything, and since then theyve always been changing their stories. But, the Thanksgiving after my seventh birthday we moved from California to Utah. I saw her, my best friend, every summer when her family would come out here so her dad could work on graduating from BYU, but that only lasted for 4 or 5 years. Moving seperated us and slowly we stopped talking. We started having less and less in common with each other cause we lived in different states.
I have had many close, and by that I mean CLOSE, friends which might be considered "best" friends but the second one I will mention is on top with the first. We have not been friends very long, but it was long enough. I might not be, in fact Im pretty sure Im not, her best friend but she is mine. I am now being seperated by this strangely exciting yet sad thing called moving. Only this time it is not me, it is her. She is leaving and the thought of not having her leaves me almost helpless. I never really "depended" on her but without her I wont really know what to do...I will write...I promise...and by golly we will steal pumpkins!!!

I just want to crawl into the farthest corner of a pure cement room and stay there by myself for three days! thats all I want...I just want the world to give me three days to catch up on everything that seems to be out to ruin my perfect little world. JUST THREE DAYS!!! *sob, sob* why me....? I feel so small.....

Saturday, October 23, 2004


"Hicka Bicka Boo?" "Hoosha!"

if any of you understand what I mean by this, and I doubt any of you do...except maybe Brittany, then comment. otherwise, youre a loser. youre all welcome to guess tho...

Thursday, October 21, 2004

And Now For A Little Venting!!!

Dont you hate when you are mad at someone and then you try to talk to them about it and they are just retarded and wont talk to you?!?! I do!!! Or,...You will "dislike" someone to smitherines because you two cant seem to get along and then you are about to be mean back and then, right when you least expect it....they compliment you!!! duh! who just does that?!?! you cant just be rude and mean and hateful for weeks on end and then for one random day be the nicest person they know! who do you think you are?! psh! bah! heads will role for this...

El Cheapo

Well now Shmoo is going with Button, Boobies is going with Ben, Jenesse is going with Asay (at least thats what someone said...if its not true let me know), everyone I hang out with at lunch is going with someone else in that group! Duh! Liz, Justine, Stacie...looks like its just us...

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Two of Those Days...

Did you ever just have one of those days where you just get upset and offended at anything and everything people say? I mean, you could totally love them to pieces and they will say something that doesn't concern you that maybe you happened to over hear and you get totally offended and then you are just mad at them the rest of the day! Holy cow! It's been that way for me the last two days and I just had to get it out! duh! people are dumb! Everyone has some kind of problem with someone else that I know and am close to so thats part of why I am mad too! Everyone should stop gossiping, stop complaining, stop caring about what other people say to each other (especially when it doesn't concern the person who cares the most!), stop crying, stop getting angry (Im not perfect either guys! obviously), stop putting others down, stop dwelling too much on the past and all in all just stop! duh! I hate you all! I have you all so bad! ok...Im better now that I said that...I really dont hate you all I just wanted to get that out in the open...better...much better...

Friday, October 08, 2004